Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New UNAS Academic Online System Display

Say good bye to our old Academic Online System (Aplikasi Akademik Online) of Universitas Nasional. A place there had been for a years guiding us to apply KRS (Kartu Rencana Studi), Controlling our academic transcript marks, or even our payment invoice. We've already know, compared with other universities Academic Online System layout/display, UNAS's login display that usually appear on the computer screen where you access it, it seemed too simple.

But now, we can feel it a little bit better because our old display of this form (shown below), when we access it from our computer through UNAS Official Website,

now has already changed into a brand new-look form.

Is that it? Only the Login page?. Of course not. UNAS webpage team (RDP-BPSI) gives us more that just a new login page, but almost all of the system DISPLAY. Yup, it's just change the display. So, we better enjoy it. Try to open it now, if you haven't access this application yet. Hopes our IT team keep giving us more and more creative works.

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